Are You Desperate To Quit Smoking?

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85% of my clients report that they are still smoke-free after 3 months

Smelly clothes, financial drain, serious health problems including lung cancer…. All can be a thing of the past with a program of Hypnosis To Quit Smoking and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT).

If you smoke 10 cigarettes a day (with a typical packet of 20 costing almost £10) you could save around £1,750 a year!

If that’s not motivation enough think of the other benefits such as lowering your risk of disease, better skin, renewed vitality and even a better sex life!

But many people try to quit smoking unsuccessfully. Or they manage to stop using other smoking cessation methods but start again because their smoking habits and behaviours have not been addressed.

This is why Hypnosis To Stop Smoking, combined with CBT, is so successful. It addresses the trigger points, the emotions, and the entrenched behaviours that make it so difficult to quit.

It’s not about replacing smoking with something else like nicotine replacement products.

It’s about replacing smoking (quit smoking) with a whole new healthier lifestyle without cravings, weight gain or stress.

6 Key Benefits Of Quit Smoking

Health: reduces your risk of serious diseases such as cardiovascular disease, lung cancer and cancers of the throat and mouth. Boosts your immune systems so you can fight colds and flu more effectively.

Fitness: better circulation makes physical activity easier and improves your all round fitness.

Finances: more money to spend or save as you want.

Fertility: reduces infertility, miscarriage and pregnancy complications. Most importantly quitting smoking will increase your chances of having a healthy baby.

Appearance: better skin including reduced wrinkles and a healthier complexion. Your breath smells sweet and you’ll also be able to smell and taste things better.

Sex: for both men and women better circulation can heighten sensitivity and improve sexual performance.

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How Hypnosis To Stop Smoking with CBT has helped these people quit…

Gaye Casey

“After 40 years smoking up to 30 a day I was truly hooked and had never wanted to give up – enjoyed it too much! One day I realised that I needed to quit smoking but knew my only hope was going to be through hypnotherapy.

I searched the Internet and found Andrea. After one session in July I threw away 41 cigarettes and know I’ll never smoke again.

I had 3 further sessions, which were really valuable. I’m never going to look back – I am a non-smoker, thanks to Andrea.”

Gaye Casey

“After three sessions I have successfully quit smoking cigarettes after 27 years. Through the smoking cessation hypnotherapy and CBT, that Andrea specialises in, I have effective hypno coping strategies in place for the difficult moments and situations that inevitably arise.

I feel confident and refer myself now as a non-smoker, which was something I would have never ever contemplated in the past.

You have to want to quit smoking but when you are really ready this is a really best way to stop smoking.”

Jessica Burdett

“I was terrified but I said to myself, ‘I want to quit smoking’. I thought life would always be a little bit worse without it but then I learnt the facts about smoking.

Just three sessions with Andrea changed my perspective completely and I was able to see the benefits of not smoking. Hypnotherapy is the easiest way to quit smoking.

I was worried I would put on huge amounts of weight too, but Andrea made me see how positive a change this was and focused my mind on making myself fitter, healthier and ultimately happier.

So not only I have I not gained weight, I have actually lost weight. Hurrah! Thank you very much and if I were you I would get help to stop smoking xx”

Jessica Burdett