Be Free From Fears Or Phobias!

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Is it a phobia or a fear?

A fear without a good reason is a phobia. People with phobias will react to triggers with an irrational fear and overwhelming anxiety.

Fears are an extreme or a physical response to a stress stimulus that does not seem to be associated with anything; such as fear of being alone or fear of being unable to control things in your life.

Treatment for phobias and fears involves developing positive coping strategies so that when faced with a trigger you do not allow your phobia or fear to overwhelm you.

The most common fears and phobias my clients seek help with are:

  • Fear of insects,
  • Fear of animals,
  • Driving fear,
  • Fear of spiders,
  • Fear of flying,
  • Fear of heights,
  • Claustrophobia,

If you want to get help to deal with your fears or phobias, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy with Hypnosis is highly effective.

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Do You Recognise Any Of the Following Feelings?

Are you terrified when you see a spider, snake or certain animals?

Do you have a panic attack when you are near insects?

Do you feel anxious when driving, or avoid driving because of this?

Do you feel physically ill when in a closed space, or perhaps when you’re outside?

Are you frightened of heights?

How Does Your Body React To Your Fears Or Phobias?

Sweating and chills?

Difficulty in breathing?

Trembling and increased heart rate?

Chest tightness?

Butterflies in the stomach?

Cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) uses exposure therapy and systematic desensitisation involving restructuring the way you think about your fears or phobias.

CBT helps by restructuring the way you think and feel (fear) about the thing that causes you anxiety and your action or behaviour that follows. CBT with hypnosis helps by challenging and replacing your automatic thoughts that react to the irrational fear and extreme anxiety

Overwhelming fears or phobias can cause you to consciously scan your environment constantly for possible threats; a way to feel better is to reduce your general anxiety and stress. Generally, if your fear or anxiety is high, perhaps because of other issues such as low self-confidence, relationship difficulties and work-related stress, you can start to worry about certain things. If your underlying anxiety is down to these issues, this will then manifest strongly into fear or phobia.

The benefits of CBT and Hypnosis is by reducing your anxiety will quieten your mind so you don’t obsess about things. By practicing mindfulness, deep breathing techniques, meditation and yoga and sometimes self-hypnosis techniques can help you achieve a calm and happier lifestyle.

These are all very common physical side effects of a fear or phobia; when left untreated they can have a detrimental impact on your health and wellbeing.

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“I would highly recommend coming to see Andrea. She immediately put me at ease and made me feel calmer with my fear of spiders, and was totally understanding and sympathetic.

I am now with ease and calm, feeling happy and not afraid even though there is an increased spider population. Give Andrea a call for your phobia disorder treatment.

I feel so much better now I have had the treatment from Andrea!”