Hypnotherapy For Anxiety And Panic Attacks

How To Manage Stress, Reduce Anxiety And Stay Cool Under Pressure

Stress and anxiety are not emotions, but an actual bodily response and reaction to real or imagined danger.

Hypnotherapy for anxiety can help with this physical reaction that creates tension and gives rise to negative emotions in our body such as fear or panic attacks.

  • Are you feeling tense, anxious and stressed?
  • Do you have knots or butterflies in your stomach?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed or have a heavy heart?
  • Are you unable to sleep or relax, or feel irritable?
  • Are your thoughts going round and round in your head?

Stress, anxiety, panic attacks, hypnotherapy, confidence coaching

Stress and anxiety cause our bodies to tense up when we are faced with an immediate or specific situation.

This is our body’s natural fight or flight response to ensure our survival. Bereavement, family issues, a difficult relationship, financial worries or pressures at work can cause stress.

When stress and anxiety carry on for a long time, they become chronic and this exhausts us physically and mentally, leading to illness or depression.

Benefits Of Using Hypnotherapy For Reducing Stress, Anxiety and Panic Attacks:

  • Cognitive Behaviour Hypnotherapy (combining CBT and clinical hypnosis) can help you relax, improve your sleep patterns and develop better relationships with people around you.
  • Change your perspective and trigger a positive movement towards a calm and better life through the exploration of your inner-mind for different options.
  • Release you from stress, anxiety and panic attacks
  • Build your confidence and a freedom from limiting beliefs.

Billy’s story…

“I have been told that I suffer from panic attacks and sometimes, I don’t know why, I find myself falling into moments of absolute terror.

I can be at work and feeling OK and suddenly my head will start to throb and I feel awful – as if someone has put me on a rollercoaster without me knowing about it.

I have been to my GP and went to A & E with panic attacks and hyperventilating. I get very scared of what happens to me when these attacks start.

I know that I shouldn’t but I can’t help it. I want to know what I can do to stop this happening to me?

It is driving me insane and I can’t cope with the feeling of thinking I am going to die all of the time”.

Clinical Hypnosis and CBT helps when you feel the panic attack coming on, the suggestions given during the session to your subconscious mind, will help you cope by bringing it to your conscious mind.

You can also learn valuable relaxation techniques that can be used everyday and to lower your risk of having a panic attack also reduce your overall anxiety.

To find out how hypnotherapy works for stress, anxiety and panic attacks, call and book a free no obligation 30-minute phone consultation with Andrea on 07967151790 or email her on [email protected]

Billy says:

“After having hypnotherapy for anxiety with Andrea at Hypnotherapy In Surrey I have found that the panic attacks are much less frequent.

When I do feel one coming on I can stop it from getting worse using the techniques Andrea has taught me.”

Book your free no obligation 30-minute phone consultation with Andrea on 07967151790  today, and start to get your stress and anxiety under control.

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Adam Higgins

I am in my teens and about to move on to being a person of our society. Prior to visiting Andrea I was hardly outgoing and became stressed at the thought of meeting new people, I was even becoming unsocial towards my friends.

Andrea lets you know that she believes in your best interests at all times throughout the sessions. For me the sessions were simple, Andrea’s simple yet professional approach is what I believe enhances the outcome of the process.

I have not long finished my sessions and already I feel a better person, someone who is confident to meet new faces and ensure new experiences. The help from Andrea couldn’t have come at a more vital phase in my life.

Adam Higgins

After a series of debilitating traumas, I came to Andrea very distressed; unable to speak clearly due to tension and barely able to function properly.

She calmly addressed my heightened emotional state immediately, enabling adrenalin to subside and issues to clear progressively throughout the course of the sessions.

Her incisive comments provided support and perspective at both the difficult moments and the triumphant. Her generosity of spirit and pragmatic approach has allowed me to look beyond the effects of grief and the unkindness of others and to perceive a future without sadness and fear.

I owe her a huge debt of gratitude.