How To Beat The Fear Of Flying

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If you suffer from a fear of flying (aerophobia) you may be missing out on opportunities to travel for work or holidays or if you do get on an aeroplane it can be a very traumatic experience.

While many people are happy to never explore further afield than where they can travel via car, train, boat or even bicycle if you would like to overcome your fear of flying read on!

Fear of flying is often an aspect of claustrophobia, anxiety attacks or post-traumatic stress. Tackling the underlying issues that manifest themselves in your nervousness of flying is the most effective way to treat this problem.

Once you have, you’ll be able to jet off on exotic holidays, go for a long weekend in an exciting new city, or attend that conference or trade event you’ve passed up in previous years.

Hypnosis with CBT is a highly effective way to overcome your fear of flying – if you want to find out more contact me today.

People who suffer from anxiety when flying often fall into one of two groups. Some are fearful of the loss of control as they are not in charge of themselves or their emotions, and worry that they will show their anxiety or have a panic attack in front of other passengers.

While other people are scared of the more practical eventualities such as bad weather, aeroplane or engine failures or turbulence.

Typically the following feelings and emotions are what many people exhibit, you may have more than one symptom:

  • Panic or anxiety at the thought of flying,
  • Claustrophobic feelings of being in a closed space,
  • Being on a flight feeling nervous and anxious,
  • Not being in control as the pilot is flying the plane,
  • Scared of turbulence and thinking about worse case scenarios,
  • Vertigo from being high in the sky,
  • Scared because you have watched scary movies or heard about accidents and disasters.

So, if you’ve decided that you want to overcome your fear of flying, what options are available to you?

Hypnotherapy For Fear Of Flying

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and hypnotherapy can uncover the underlying emotions and behaviours that are causing your fear of flying.

It can also help teach you how to separate the danger you believe you are facing your fear, and calm your feelings around flying.

The Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) element of clinical hypnosis, will help you unlearn the subconscious response you currently have when confronted with air travel.

With CBT you can change your unhealthy thoughts and behaviour, and combined with hypnosis learn new ways to deal with this stressful situation.

If you feel that you are missing out because of a fear of flying, take the next step and book a free consultation with me to discuss how hypnosis can help.


“I went to Andrea to get help with my fear of flying. I have had a fear of flying for at least 14 years becoming progressively worse. Make arrangements including booking a flight was an impending dread. Leading up to and on flights, I would experience shaking, palpitations and often cry with fear.

I had no idea what hypnosis entailed and was surprised to be fully awake and aware of everything happening but was deeply relaxed. Every session left me feeling increasingly calm. I was shown a breathing technique which from day one I practised. This also helps me with any daily stressful situations.

Andrea said I would never ‘enjoy’ flying but would not have the intense debilitating fear I had experienced. I had a 4-hour flight a few weeks ago and unbelievably I had no pre-flight nerves. I even drove to the airport, something I have never attempted before, as I was usually too upset and tense.

I am so grateful to Andrea. She helped me overcome the fear and I can’t thank her enough. I wish I had done this years ago. I can now look forward to relaxed travelling in the future.”