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When faced with certain situations such as bereavement, family issues, a difficult relationship, financial worries or pressures at work, our body launches a natural fight or flight response which often manifests as stress, anxiety, sleeplessness, panic attacks, or overwhelming fear. This is our body reacting to real or imagined danger.

Hypnotherapy combined with Cognitive Behaviour Therapy can help you deal with these physical reactions. It will help you change your perspective and successfully manage these reactions, resulting in a more relaxed outlook, better sleep patterns, and a generally improved well-being.

Adam Higgins

I am in my teens and about to move on to being a person of our society. Prior to visiting Andrea I was hardly outgoing and became stressed at the thought of meeting new people, I was even becoming unsocial towards my friends. Andrea believes in your best interests at all times. Her simple yet professional approach is what I believe enhances the outcome of the process. I have not long finished my sessions and already I feel a better person, someone who is confident to meet new faces and ensure new experiences. The help from Andrea couldn’t have come at a more vital phase in my life.


After a series of debilitating traumas, I came to Andrea very distressed; unable to speak clearly and barely able to function properly. She calmly addressed my heightened emotional state immediately, enabling adrenalin to subside and issues to clear progressively throughout the course of the sessions. Her incisive comments provided support and perspective at both the difficult moments and the triumphant. Her generosity of spirit and pragmatic approach has allowed me to look beyond the effects of grief and the unkindness of others and to perceive a future without sadness and fear.

Catherine Clark

I have suffered from depression for many years and consequently have seen lots of different councillors and therapists - none of them seemed to really understand me or connect with me. I was originally not keen to open up to yet another therapist and I was also very skeptical about being hypnotised. Andrea immediately made me feel at ease and was very clear about what she was going to do. I took a deep breath and never looked back! With her experience and knowledge Andrea was able to steer me through my depression and anxiety and gave me techniques to help cope with any future attacks.

These subtle symptoms may become chronic and lead to illness or depression if ignored:

  • Feeling tense, irritable or unable to relax
  • Constant knots or butterflies in your stomach
  • A feeling of overwhelm or a heavy heart
  • Mind racing with random, disorganised thoughts

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