How To Treat Low Self-Confidence

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Confidence does not come naturally to everyone, but it is possible to improve your self-confidence by using hypnosis and simple exercises to change the way you think about yourself.

When we are confident we have good self-esteem, we believe in ourselves and our abilities, and this creates a positive state of mind for success.

When we have low self-confidence we may find we feel stressed or anxious, such as at work or in social situations, and we do not fulfil our potential. Low self-confidence or self-esteem prevents us from achieving our goals and can lead us to feel unhappy and worthless.

Don’t resign yourself to always feeling like this! It is possible to build your self-confidence and reverse years of feeling unconfident, anxious and stressed.

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Do any of these things sound familiar?

  • You fear failure and therefore avoid taking risks,
  • You cover up your mistakes so that people don’t find out,
  • You ‘talk yourself up’ so people don’t know that you are anxious or frightened,
  • You feel anxious and stressed when faced with a new task,
  • You often feel stressed or overwhelmed and this stops you from engaging with new people in business or social situations,
  • You get anxious, mumble and stammer when you have to deal with difficult situations or events,
  • You feel self-conscious and inadequate when a new situation makes you feel uncomfortable,
  • You hesitate or experience negative chatter in your head that stops you from moving forward,
  • You want to feel confident and take new opportunities when they arise, but feel helpless and unable to take action.

How Hypnosis For Self-Confidence Can Help

Self-confidence is a state of mind. Those people who exhibit high levels of self-confidence are just like you, except that instead of having deep-seated beliefs that they are not ‘good enough’ they have deep-seated beliefs that say you’re great!’

Clinical hypnosis can be used to access the unconscious mind where these deep-seated beliefs are rooted and suggest positive changes that can promote a more confident belief in yourself.

How Do You Build Self-Confidence Long-Term And Success For Yourself

Imagine what it would be like to be able to face any difficult situation or person confidently, without feeling anxious, knowing that you will be able to come away achieving a really good outcome.

Here are just a few things you can do to boost your self-confidence:

  • Take a look at your life from what are the things you have achieved to where you would like to be,
  • Make a list of your strengths and weaknesses,
  • Take small, simple steps and don’t stretch yourself too thin or you might give up,
  • Create a balance between overstretching yourself and being over-confident,
  • Set SMART (Simple, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely) goals so you can be focused on the things you want to achieve,
  • Use imagery and self-talk in order to create positive images in your mind,
  • Commit to building your self-esteem and don’t give up even if your self-doubts arise,
  • Identify the knowledge and skills you need to feel confident about yourself,
  • Use techniques to feel calm and confident in any situation,
  • Try proven methods to free you from unnecessary anxiety,

Hypnosis for confidence is a proven method for reducing anxiety and stress caused by the everyday situations that erode your self-confidence.

It can also help you use the suggestions above effectively; ensuring that you are successful and that you don’t allow negative self-beliefs to delay your personal or professional success.

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Clinical hypnotherapist and cognitive behaviour therapist Andrea Smith helps many people with self-confidence issues.

As well as one-to-one coaching she also runs workshops for companies who wish to help their employees succeed, and regularly delivers talks and presentations on confidence for both personal and professional success.